Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm getting kind of wroth with Del Rey & their slipping standards. Yozakura Quartet is an OK-if-not-great urban-fantasy comic, but the translation is just full of holes. They'll translate all the silly crap in interstitials about tertiary characters' favorite musicians and and comedians, but when the protagonist obstentiously writes something portentous in the heroine's mayoral log as the introduction to a big, showy Power Walk, then hey, the readers don't need to know just what the heck he was writing, right? It was just left in the original kanji & kana.

The translator did similar things in previous volumes, where we were just given the original, untranslated Japanese bulonium terms for various invented fantasy elements of the plot, without any explanation of what the hell the characters were talking about for chapters at a time. Now, admittedly, the original terms used were probably gibberish in Japanese as well, but it looks like they were a lot less obscure in the original than in the version delivered to the American audience. And I still say there's too much gassing on about obscure Japanese pop culture references in the endnotes, and not enough explanation of the made-up fantastic elements. It's a serious lack of prioritization of translation, if you ask me.

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