Monday, January 19, 2009

Anime licensing wish-list:

1)Bamboo Blade. Hey, Funimation! You bothered to issue cease-and-desists for Enoki Films, why not follow up on that ukase with an actual license? It's a damned good sports anime, relatively light-hearted with a serious, ethical core which places moral development over competitive advantage.

2)Zipang re-release. I bought the first volume of the Geneon singles release cheap at TRSI, and got around to watching it yesterday. It seems like the sixth volume is unavailable, and Funimation/Geneon hasn't talked about doing a re-release in half-season or full-season sets. Admittedly, a time-travel war anime about a JSDF AEGIS destroyer flung back into WWII from the Japanese point of view isn't exactly the best fit for American audiences, but the first four episodes weren't nearly as jingoistic or morally myopic as they could have been, given the typical Japanese blind spots on the Pacific War.

3)Kodocha 2nd season set. This is more of a complaint about the new Funimation release, which is peppered with mysterious Japanese audio drop-outs. At first I thought it was more legal-issue fall-out from the SMAP hissyfit which ate the original Kodocha opening animation & those intermittent appearances by the band in the anime proper, but said audio drop-outs appear periodically in situations where there oughtn't be any sort of musical background. What's up with that?

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