Friday, August 05, 2005

My convention made an announcement about a high-profile set of musical guests - they're going to do a drive-by panel appearance, whoop-de-friggin'-do - and TPTB put up a threat to close out the possibility of at-door registration, due to the whole membership-cap thing - if pre-reg creases 90% of the cap prior to the end of pre-reg, then I as the head of Reg will be directed to refuse to take at-door registration. I'm actually kind of worried that we'll just barely crease this 90% figure (actually 90.0909recursive%, but it's easier to say "90%"), leaving us at a number considerably lower than the hypothetical cap. This is a loss of over a hundred thousand dollars in revenue, and I'm not exactly enthused about the prospect, regardless of how much less work it's going to represent on the part of myself and my department.

What I'm rooting for right now, is that we get either less than fourteen hundred-ish valid pre-reg attempts, or much more than that, in the next week before the cut-off. It's that deadly valley between 1400 and 3000 which freaks me out. Before this announcement, I was actually pretty confident that we weren't going to hit the subcap before the cut-off. The nature of the announcement is just marginal enough to produce a situation lodged firmly on the top of the fence, over the subcap, but short of the true cap.

I kind of wish they had just sat on this, and offered it as a special last-minute unannounced treat at the con proper.

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