Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm very, very disappointed in Lynn Herman, the state representative for State College, for whom I did a good deal of envelope-stuffing last year. The closer you look at HB 1521 and the circumstances surrounding it, the uglier it gets. Surprisingly enough, Bellefonte's own state rep., Benninghoff, voted against this end-run around the state constitution. Although I'm not particularly fond of Benninghoff, I have to give him and Hanna over on the other side of the mountain credit for voting against the pay-raise fan-dance. Hanna especially, given that he's technically a Democrat and they were reportedly enforcing party discipline with a meat-cleaveron the (D) side of the aisle on this bill.

Jake Corman, our state senator in this region, lived down to expectations and voted to fill his own pockets. What else would you expect of that ratfink bastard? But Herman... that hurts.

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