Thursday, June 16, 2005

I ate lunch down in town yesterday, with my copy of Paradis's book on the 6th USCT, so I took a couple minutes to compare the muster rolls he reprinted in one of the appendices with the names listed on the memorial for the 6th USCT. I only found about half of the names on the memorial in the muster rolls. Lewis Mills, but not Edward Mills, and so on. I wonder what's up with that - are the extra names on the memorial a confusion of regiments, or are they instances of stolen valor, or pension fraud? This online muster roll for the company in question looks to be essentially similar, if in somewhat different order than the version reproduced by Paradis.

I'm not sure if the gentlemen on the Bellefonte memorial were living in Bellefonte prior to the war, or if some of them moved to town afterwards. I'd be more sure if a whole company had been organized from town, but the whole of the 6th USCT was recruited and organized just outside of Philadelphia, and individual recruits traveled there from as far as Buffalo, according to Paradis.

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