Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ever make a post just because you're tired of staring at the last one?


I'm working a con this weekend. Why? Well, because I was asked, but mainly, to get away from the Bellefonte Cruise.

You'd think I'd be big on the Cruise, as I don't exactly hate my town, and it's a big tourist boon for the merchants and for the town fathers. The ads are all over basic cable, and people suddenly remember that there's a town down here at the bottom of the valley, at least for a weekend. You'd think that.

You don't live on the block where they hold the car radio contest. At all hours. Not to mention the late-night demonstrations of just how cool somebody's minimally-muffled classic car's engine is. And the loud band they have playing in front of the courthouse, that you can hear from one end of town to the other.

Not to mention the parking. I might as well not have a car on Cruise weekend, because the parking situation means I walk more than Johnny Appleseed.

Finally, I'm just not car people. I don't get excited about engines, and I can't tell a '67 Mustang from a '71 Mustang.

So, I'm going to New Jersey to work a convention. I could have just gone as an attendee. But this is the convention with the mean average attendee age of 15 and heading southwards. If I want to talk to anybody this weekend, they'll be on staff, and I might as well put some work in while I'm bugging them.

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