Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I've been going mad on Amazon, blowing all sorts of dosh on books. Some of it is just that the anime scene has gone sort of stale in the last six months or so; some is that I'm taking more recommendations from various blogs. I've got the first volume of the Army of the Potomac on order from a rec. from Dimitri Rotov over at Civil War Bookshelf, who's finally inspired me to look into his political-military revisionist viewpoint. We'll see if all these books join the pile of half-read "virtue purchases" sitting in my otherwise-empty kitchen, along with that Spanish Inquisition book and the deathly dull survey of Illyrian history and the horribly-written book on the Grand Armee.

A private airplane crashed in the field next to the new county jail on Saturday, killing everyone on board. I didn't notice this until Tuesday, even though I was probably three hundred yards from it when it happened. The perils of not reading your local paper, I suppose. It was a family flying in to watch their son's sports match at the university, and they iced up and crashed on approach to University Park Airport. Imagine what kind of hell that poor kid is going through?

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