Monday, March 21, 2005

A completely serious and totally non-satirical interview on why women cannot lead prayer in mosques:

AF: Interesting. How were you able to isolate the right testicle as the point of origin?
An-Nutfah: This was arrived at through a matter of scientific deduction. Men and women are quite similar in their basic physiology with the exception of the sexual organs in which and men differ. Contrary to popular belief the brain is not the primary organ for thought. In terms of basic knowledge and reasoning, yes. But the brain is ill-suited for total religious thought. This is where the testicles come in.

AF: Why the right testicle and not the left one?
An-Nutfah: Well that’s the sinister testicle isn’t it?

AF: I was not aware of that. Moving on. If a woman were to hold a right testicle in her hand, could she then lead a prayer?
An-Nutfah: Only very briefly, because the testicle has to be warm. But then again where could she get the testicle? As a precaution, I have been wearing a specially designed testicle protector ever since the discovery was made.

AF: Is this testicle finding the scientific reason why men and women cannot pray side by side?
An-Nutfah: Precisely. Can you imaging the bloodbath if women were able to get so close to so much Quranic knowledge? The streets would flow red for days.

Link via Norm Geras.

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