Thursday, November 13, 2003

This is not impressing me. Taking the day's police blogger sweepings and calling it "Operation Iron Hammer" is so goddamn transparent that it didn't even fool me, and I want to believe that they're doing something, that they're getting somewhere.

Look, these sorts of things are a start. But they ought to be happening every goddamn night, a dozen times a night. That's how you "out-G the Gs". Not by spasming every couple weeks and getting your PR officers to call it "Operation Make Work" or some damn fool thing. Now, I'm choosing to believe that they're just playing up what they've been doing all along. I better not be wrong, because if they're only doing this kind of proactive ambushing when somebody at HQ actually sits down and lays out an "operation", we're screwed. This shit should be happening nightly on the battalion level. If it isn't, fuck me, we're dead.

Via The Command Post.

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