Friday, November 14, 2003

The political end of the New Blog Showcase is notably lacking in linkable material this week. I went back and forth over the filibustering sleepover post. It's clearly the only thing of interest on that particular blog, and it isn't even particularly funny. But at least he's trying. That's worth a link.

The blissfully non-political end of the Showcase has some more palatable entries. Ruminations in Korea has an ugly site design, but his entries seem to have some depth to them: this cranky post on Korea's version of metrosexuality is interesting. He seems as irked by the phrase (I'm presuming it's translated?) "flower Adonis" as I am by, well, "metrosexual". And how could you hate a post about how Korean mothers threaten to feed their disobedient children to fat white men when they don't know those men understand Korean?

And, and and... er, I thought there'd be more here? There are two other entries, but they're both uninteresting. What the hell, people! One koreablog? That's it? This sucks.

I blame the League of Liberals. May bees pee upon them.

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