Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I spent last night setting up a new computer, drinking heavily, and trying not to mourn the death of the republic.

Some rotten kids down the street jeered at me with their hand-drawn Hillary signs as I walked to the polls after work, and I yelled at them that they'd have to live with the consequences of their ignorant foolishness. This morning I spent writing on a project I've been working on since August, every morning more or less - get in a couple of hours, slap together a chapter, and then feed the cats. I get up pretty damn early these days.

 But I was miserably avoiding the dead elephant in the room. I was positive that it was the end of things, the death-rattle in a rictus and a pantsuit. Then I caught sight of a sniveling hipster bewailing fate somewhere online, and I looked up out of my miserable huddle.

The orange clown did it. The horrible harpy conceded. The Senate remains Republican. We may be still crouched upon the edge of an abyss I call "electoral dictatorship", but we're still on the edge. I thought for sure we were plummeting into the depths. Oh, don't get me wrong - he'll screw up from dawn to dusk, and chisel and grift and sleep around with harlots while it's dark out. It's in his nature. Trump will be a monument to bad judgment, ignorance and foolishness. But all of Washington will loathe him with all of their rotten, grasping, arrogant souls, and scheme and plot to undermine every plan, every thing he tries. They'll let him get away with absolutely *nothing*. And Republicans have a proud history of impeaching their own wayward presidents, so rejoice!

 Sing from every mountaintop!

Checks and balances have returned to Washington, torches and pitchforks in hand! I'm listening to 'World Turned Upside Down' right now.

 (I really need to stop campaigning for presidential candidates, it's apparently bad luck. My (loathed, despised, I voted for him anyway) candidate won my state for the first time since I screwed up as a college student and voted for Billy Jeff before the Clintons became a corrupt dynasty-in-waiting.)


which_chick said...

My loathed, despised (voted for her anyway) candidate lost my state for the first time since I graduated high school. The party machine acted entitled and ignored the legit complaints and concerns of huge swaths of the country... and they deserved to lose.

I gotta say, though, if these candidates are the best we can do, maybe we need to try something other than a two-party system... because most Merkins didn't like either choice.

Benjamin said...
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Benjamin said...
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Benjamin said...

(reposted for typo corrections)

I've got to say, it's been one hell of a disheartening year for so many different reasons. My own feeling was that America lost the election in June when the party establishment buried its head in the sand, denied the reality that unaffiliated and Democratically-registered citizens alike are sickened and repulsed by the corrupted and corrupting state of affairs. For the first time in my life, I've realized that we together now now face a non-credible non-legitimate corrupted and baleful distortion of what was once our Federal government.

We now face a monster in our midst, one that must be deposed and slayed. In its wake, it must be replaced with a system the has been strongly bolstered against the worst present-day failings of our vulnerable and badly-exploited system of democracy. Let us now put to a final end this wrongful occupation of American democracy itself, now running in its present form for these past four decades, beginning with that wrongful triad of failed SCOTUS rulings: Buckley v Valeo (1976) and ending with McCutcheon v FEC and Citizens United v FEC. The US Senate's abject refusal to upload the constitution and debate and approve the POTUS's SCOTUS nomination effectively has dropped our federal system into an illegitimate, failed, and unconstitutional state of being.

The emperor wears no cloths. I'm "done" participating cooperatively with my government. The social contract breached, my consent is withdrawn, and this farce is now over. I'm no longer going to pretend that this Federal government of the United States of America is legitimate or following the US Constitution. I feel no duty or obligation to obey them any longer, to provide my consent for continued governance, or any of that. Fuck them all, they are pirate-clowns. Fuck this failed state of national government. I'll be waiting for the lights of true American liberal democracy, equality, liberty, and justice to be turned back on in the halls of US power. In the meantime, let us all extend two middle fingers to the US Federal government, to Washington DC, and to all fascists everywhere, May they eat their own shit and die slow ugly deaths.

Benjamin said...

(reposted for typos, I should proofread before posting the first time :) )

Agreed with which_chick, the two-party system is looking like some farcical system of population subversion and control. Which of the two parties is the party of the rising middle class? Which is the party of planetary environmental intervention and salvation? Which is the party against violent international hegemony? Which is the party against the undemocratic abuses and excesses of the military-industrial complex, Federal regulatory capture, and government regulator to industry revolving and open doors? Which is the party of a constitutional amendment to drive out and raze the subverting corruption of plutocratic and oligarchical players, wrongful equality-destroying political cash styled protected sepeech? Which is the party that stands above and against spoiled elections and the traitorous betrayal by party members and elected officials, people who, a vast majority of the time, are working directly and shamelessly against the people's beast enlightened long-term interests whenever a conflict of interest arises between the needs of their constituents and the abject avarice of their corrupted donor class?