Saturday, June 18, 2016

So it's the Cruise again, and honestly the only reason I tolerate it is for the carnival food; they sell cheese fries in town.  I'm not really car-culture people.  Muscle cars just aren't really my thing.  They don't let you race about like maniacs outside of Long Seventies-era movies, so really, what's the point?


Benjamin said...

I agree, muscle cars always bored me. They tend to go fast in a straight line and get all unsettled in the twisties of interesting roads or tracks. I drive a turbocharged Mazdaspeed3, a compact car good for 260hp, and it tries to strike a balance between dynamic handling and power, while still hitting better fuel efficiency than the midsize SUVs that fill the roads up here, but even I'm looking down the road now for what I can drive in the future that will strike the right balance for the global ecology... It's harder with every passing year to separate out the morality of fossil fuel consumption from the joy of performance motoring, and perhaps it's enough that I had my fun while I could.

How about that British EU vote? I think it was an unfortunate error, born of demagoguery, and a divergence from progress and cultural tolerance for Britain and the EU. The implications are so broad that, today at least, I can't even frame a response; only the above reaction.

Mitch H. said...

I think that I don't even understand my own country, let alone one I've never visited. The internet has led us all to think because we can hear from the far side of the world in an instant, we understand everything in between, while instead, we may not even understand anything beyond our front stoop.

It rather looks like another indicator that the "intolerance! racism! I win by moral superiority!" political lever is weakened substantially, and may be in the process of breaking off entirely. I'm not as fond of the "wisdom of crowds" as I was a year ago, but that doesn't mean the elites aren't the same worthless pack of jackals, cowards, and sniveling incompetents they were then; if anything, they're grown even worse. And David Cameron was a prize sniveler, trimmer, and self-dealing rat-bastard. And the EU was and is a dirigiste nightmare that I'm glad I never had to live with, although this country has been converging towards that ruination for the past ten years, and shows little sign of stopping.

Doesn't mean that Brexit is a good or bad thing; I rather suspect that the rest of the EU will work with the objecting "kingdoms" to economically besiege Wales and England, and punish them mercilessly, because that is what these people do. I'm frankly astonished that Wales and England actually did it, I honestly thought they didn't have this much fight in them after generations of being beaten down and victimized by their betters.