Saturday, July 11, 2015

Linneus sang of a single
Complete description of the
And zoological
And mycological
Unity of the infinite world
Described by their
Deistical completist
Dream of the single
Lockean definition of
God in his epistimological
Reductionist essence of
That mechanical world
Physical and chemical
And biological and
The world in every ranked
And serried definition of
God in his every varied
Evidence of the doctrine
Displayed by his evidence
Diplayed in each and
Every evidentiary mark
And declension of the
Infinite variance of this
Our multipludinous
And infinitely various
Descriptors of the
Physicality of our
Non-scientific and non-
Descriptive world as it
Is in its undescribable
And variable infinititude
Of many-hued complexity
Created by the perfidious
And perplexing
Angels of his viciously
Refusal to be pinned
Beneath the assumptions of
Those who would
Prove their faith before
Evidence unescapeable
Before the Throne.

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