Saturday, June 20, 2015


3 oz. Beefeater's 24 gin
3 oz. V8 Fruit Medley
3 oz. Diet Mountain Dew

Let it gravity stir by pouring and then leaving it sit for five minutes.

I call it a "Slender Billy" after William II, one-time Prince of Orange and eventually King of the Netherlands, wounded as a lieutenant-general on the Allied side at the Battle of Waterloo.

This is the first mixed drink I've figured out which works with gin other than a gimlet.  I can't stand martinis, gin-and-tonics, and most other gin-based cocktails, so at least it gives me a reason to bother with gin on my booze shelf other than... completeness.


which_chick said...

I had a wonderous gin and strawberry and cucumber *thing* while on vacation in Asheville. It was so good. I don't even LIKE gin and it was good. I wish I could find instructions for making it...

Mitch H. said...

Meahnwhile Beefeaters discontinued Beefeater's 24, or at least the state stores stopped carrying it. The standard Beefeater's is kinda... rougher. You can easily substitute some other high-end London dry gin, but it kills the joke if you use Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire in the cocktail.

Was the cucumber the garnish, or did they actually have cucumber syrup made up?

which_chick said...

The thing was apparently a concoction of the local bartender and googling turns up nothing. Featured "strawberry juice" and "cucumber slice garnish" and gin that tasted like gin only not offensively and probably something herbal as well. Maybe thyme? I am emailing the bartender, who will probably say something like "trade secret" but it doesn't cost anything to ask.

which_chick said...

Bartender responded to email as follows:

That was one of the first cocktail recipes I got to introduce as the new Bartender at the Junction. It's my own original recipe and I won the BMW Pro-Am cocktail contest with this recipe for Hendrick's gin.

Wanamaker Smile

1 1/2 oz Hendrick's gin
1/2 oz Pimm's #1
1/2 oz lemon juice
1/2 oz thyme syrup ( this is a 1:1 simple syrup brought to a boil with a 5 sprigs of thyme)
1 oz fresh strawberry juice

Shake it all together and serve over ice with a cucumber slice

I'm so glad you liked it and hope you enjoy!

I might have to actually spring for the ingredients. It was freaking awesome.

which_chick said...

Updated info on the Wanamaker Smile (twee name notwithstanding, this is a lovely drink): Easy to make, delightfully yummy. I add a splash of club soda to thin it out a bit so that it's not a hit-the-floor hammer as much as a refreshing summer beverage.