Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Years, everybody!

I feel like I ought to be going to the shrine on hatsumode. Or playing badminton. My usual New-Years activities - going down to Norristown to see the college crowd, play nerd games & watch the fireworks, wasn't going to happen this year. I guess I'm "rusticating" this year. Or maybe just rusting?

Happy New Year, may it be better than the last two or three.

I want to work harder, talk to people more, and get out more often. I need a new hobby, something organized and group-oriented. Something in volunteering? I need something to fill the social void, the space which convention-organizing used to occupy in my life.


which_chick said...

I took up jogging, going to enter a half-marathon this spring. It's kind of vaguely social. Also am breaking new project horse to ride this spring.

Mitch H. said...

Yeah, as much as you talk up a good anti-social game, you've already got a scad of social events which makes you a veritable social butterfly in comparison with low-impact hermit me.

I used to have a co-worker who was a fierce jogging & biking evangelist. For a while there, he had half the company jogging 'round the industrial park on lunch break. I couldn't really keep up because of my minor case of asthma. It doesn't usually affect my day-to-day life, but it does mean that I don't really have the lung capacity to keep up a jog for more than a half-mile or so without turning into a wheezing mess. It's why I used to do intensive *walking* instead.

I fully intend to start walking to work again once we get far enough out of the black months to allow enough light in the late afternoon/evening for the walk back into town. But walking isn't really a sociable event 'round these parts. It's more of a time for catching up on my reading.

I don't know, I was thinking more of some social volunteering club. The only one I know of around here is the gardening club in town, and I'm too much of a black thumb for that. Maybe I'll bum around the library & museum tomorrow afternoon & see what fliers they have.

Megan said...

Happy New Years! I hope that you find what you are looking for. As a person who had to learn to be social, my hat is off to you. I know that it isn't easy.

Perhaps the fliers brought something to your attention? Alternatively, may I suggest that pursuing your interests could lead to a social/volunteering group you'd like, even if it requires a little traveling.