Friday, October 22, 2010

It's a beautiful beaten-bronze morning, of the sort you see towards the end of the season of turning leaves. I sort of regret not walking in to work, but I've started going over to State College for GOTV calling.

I really should have gone in earlier, but you know inertia. The office was full of women, mostly college-age; aside from one crew-cutted college student who was in for about an hour, I was the only man calling from the office that evening. I didn't realize we were calling the Sugar Valley area until it came up on the very last call of the night, on a long, involved "undecided" call. Some folks really do want to be argued into a decision - not that the call script encourages it. I apparently sold her on Toomey, so - hurrah! The call volume is pretty impressive, given the numbers I saw on the board - '08, we would have been dancing in our tiny, tiny call centre to clear that sort of volume. The scripts haven't changed much, though.

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