Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I got an email from the RNC asking me (and presumably every blogger with two readers and a rightward tilt) to help with the Harriet Miers mess the White House has gotten themselves into. Generally, when the social conservatives are pissed about a judicial pick, you'd think that the more moderate wings of the party would be happier. Frankly, Miers is one of those rare cases where she's got something to annoy everybody. NPR was positively giddy last evening - probably because it's such a inept selection that even they can hear the war-drums in the base. On the other hand, that requires the libs in public radio to understand and follow the dictum "never interrupt your opponent while he's making a mistake", and I don't know that we've ever seen that sort of wisdom from the sparks of NPR.

Miers is a crony of Bush's, the woman who took over Gonzales's job when he went off to be Attorney General. She was Bush's *personal lawyer* back in the Eighties. Never been on any sort of bench. From all accounts, a fanatical Bush family partisan. Sounds like a perfect fit for where she is right now - on the White House staff. A Supreme Court Justice? In what universe?

I campaigned for a war-time Republican president, not the Ghost of Lyndon Johnson.

You're on your own, Ken Mehlman!

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