Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I feel sick. Whenever someone goes on about tradition and honor, think about a young woman tied up in the back seat of a taxi bound for the empty desert. Murderous fucking lunacy. Don't let the bastards tell you it's their religion. This shit isn't about some atheist's projection of "sky bullies" or "bearded vengeance-demons", it's about the self-regard of miserable, selfish old men and their solipsistic and blasphemous worship of their severely over-extended egos.

These men are the same breed of bastard who become family annihilators in the West - those moral cripples who think of their families as literal extensions of their selves, so that when they commit suicide, they start with the outer-most extensions, and work inwards towards the core, eventually reaching their physical selves. Except the honor-killing traditions allow them to just stop with an expendable daughter, or sister - expunging the shame with the least loss to the collective self.

Via K.J. Lopez at the Corner.

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