Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Some dumbshit released the internal numbers on preregistration and projected (lowballed) membership for the convention I help run to the lackwits at Anime News Network, who, being lackwitted, promptly published them as if they were news. Now, while we indulge in all sorts of stupid ego games involving competition over "my con is bigger and better than your con", this is not the face one wants to present to the general public. Not only is it crass and self-aggrandizing, it makes one look the tool when the projections don't come true. The projected numbers are just that, projections. Hell, even the prereg numbers don't take into account no-shows and eventual refunds. It was a stupid thing to put into public circulation. If somebody leaked it, that somebody was a damned fool. If somebody sent out an actual press release, that person is worse than a damned fool.

On the plus side, if this repels a significant number of would-be members who wouldn't want to be associated with such a bunch of arrogant, self-involved fanboys, this mess might stave off our inevitable collision with fire-code regulation and death by overcrowding.

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