Thursday, September 04, 2003

I've been reading blogs of one type or another for a while now. It's often occurred to me that I ought to transition my goofy little page over on freeservers to a blog of some sort. I don't imagine that I somehow have the research or writing chops to actually make any sort of wave in [triumphant brass refrain]the Blogosphere[/triumphant brass refrain], but it seems like the neat thing to do. I suppose I'll be moving over my old poetry and such from my old freeservers site as it occurs to me, or as I think it's appropriate. Fair warning: I'm a passingly bad poet.

Mostly, I've just grown tired of leaving the "URL" section of my comments template empty.

Update: I'm playing around at this point. Added some comments, let's see if it works or no.

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