Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Jurjen of No Cameras points out that the wide-spread belief that .50 cal. weaponry cannot be used against personnel under the Geneva Conventions is incorrect. He notes that this belief seems based on a 19th-century Geneva precursor convention that "explosive, fulminating and incendiary" rounds below a certain size should not be used against troops. He further notes that the US is not signatory to this 1868 convention (the "St. Petersburg"). This is rather astonishing, because I've heard this story about the .50 cal. from military personnel. It also undermines the usual "Geneva Conventions are bunk, because of..." argument that accompanies the telling of this particular urban legend.

Good to see Jurjen back in the saddle. I was afraid that No Cameras was going off the air, with him tied up in this Fistful of Euros thing.

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