Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Yeah, you know what? I'm calling for the impeachment of Secretary Clinton, after she knifed our only reliable long-term ally in the back & deliberately acted in such a fashion as to encourage a second invasion of the Falklands. That's Kissinger-class wicked evil.

I know I've said elsewhere that I didn't want to hear any impeachment talk about Obama until he actually does something constituting a high crime or misdemeanor, but provoking an unnecessary war between two of our nominal allies has got to be some sort of illegal. Anyways, Clinton, not the president. Even if it's his idea, she could have resigned.

There's got to be some sort of pro-British plurality in the modern Democratic Party, right? They're not fighting in Belfast anymore, so the Irish aren't hostile anymore, and mant limo liberal types are big on British-style nanny-state social democracy. That's got to have some sort of transitive value, right?

And for those "WASPs must be wrong, first principles" types sure to object about colonialism and all that rot - the Falklands have been occupied continuously and exclusively by subjects of the British crown for over a century and a half, and even before that, the only thing on those islands was a rebellious Argentine penal colony. The United States has a better claim on Cuba than the Argentines have on the Falklands. And no, that's not an assertion of sovereignty over the Communist Wonderland. Just a reducto ad absurdum.


She can just resign if she wants.


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